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How to Print and Save Image Files:

1. Position Mouse over image file.

2. Right Click and choose "Save Picture As..."

3. Save image to the file of your choice.

4. Open the saved image file in your photo editor. Check under "Resize" or "Re-dimension" to be sure the image is the correct size. If your photo editor does not open it in the correct size, try changing the resolution to 150 or 300dpi. It should resize to the following dimensions. If not, you can set the dimensions manually:

front cover 9.5 inches width x 4.75 inches height

back cover: 5.9 inches width x 4.7 inches height

disc label: 4.65 inches x 4.65 inches (note: if you have smaller size labels, you can resize smaller to 4.426 or so).

5. Print. If your photo editor does not automatically adjust the printer, you should select "landscape" under paper orientation for printing front and back covers.